Action Plan for NCSS

To meet Government’s goal of securing Nigerian cyberspace in line with the National Cybersecurity Policy, ONSA has developed this Action Plan NCSS framework for implementing the National Cybersecurity Strategy. The Action Plan framework documents government priority, plan and direction for implementing the Strategy. It decomposes each of the seven thematic areas in the Strategy into actionable initiatives with deliverables aimed at producing tangible results. Thus, each initiative and deliverable has suggested Key Performance Indicators (KPI) with timelines to assist in measuring
progress. This Action Plan is a demonstration of Government’s resolve to meet cybersecurity issues head-on. Download here Draft Action Plan NCSS

In meeting Government goal of ensuring a secure cyberspace for Nigeria, Section 41 (b) of
the Cybercrime (Prohibition, Prevention, etc) Act, 2015 mandates the Office of the National Security Adviser (ONSA) to “ensure formulation and effective implementation of a comprehensive National Cybersesurity Strategy and a National Cybersecurity Policy for Nigeria”. In furtherance of this mandate,
ONSA has developed an Action for implementing the National Cybersecurity Stratgy. The objective of the Action Plan is to outline government priorities, plan and direction for implementing the strategy. To this end, the draft Action Plan identifies suggested activities, roles and responsibilities of key stakeholders with deliverables, timeline and Key Performance Indicators (KPI) for measuring progress towards effective implementation of the National Cybersecurity Strategy. Furthermore, the document highlights the progress made by various government Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs)
towards implementing provisions of the Cybercrime (Prohibition, Prevention, etc) Act, 2015 and the National Cybersecurity Policy and Strategy. To consolidate on this progress, all MDAs and private sector stakeholders are requested to make inputs into the Draft Action Plan in alignment with their statutory mandates. This is with a view to enable government to effectively utilize the numerous potentials inherent in the cyberspace while mitigating the effects of cybercrime and improving safety and security of Nigerians

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