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Chert Security

Chert Security provides a wide range of security services to give our clients the tools needed to thrive in a world filled with cybercriminals. In the light of leaks and attacks which have occurred in recent years, it is ever more important to take cybersecurity seriously.

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Our dedicated team of experts helps organizations establish an effective culture of security and embrace the best practices of information security.

We offer you and your enterprise the opportunity to understand the exploitable vulnerabilities in your IT infrastructure, be it a network, cloud, web, or wireless. Our team of experts will work tirelessly to guarantee your business continuity, as we ensure your infrastructure is safe and immune from adversaries constantly scanning your network, looking for vulnerabilities to exploit. We will arm you with the best defense against a fast-evolving, ever-changing threat landscape.

In today’s growing digital world protecting your company’s applications, information and infrastructure are becoming increasingly challenging. Cybercriminals are adapting to be more innovative with new attacks, and technologies such as IoT, Cloud, Virtualisation and Collaboration tools create more vulnerabilities, that can further expose your business.

Chert Security has responded to these security challenges by providing affordable and dynamic services that extend beyond just technology.

An arm of Chert System Solutions Ltd, Chert Security is one of the fastest-growing technology solutions providers, with clients in over 10 countries across Africa. Chert Security has developed an excellent reputation in the security industry, while also helping clients implement, innovate and improve their business performance.

At Chert Security we detect and protect organizations from cyber threats. We offer our clients end-to-end security solutions from auditing to penetration testing, security software and hardware solutions to training on security essentials. We include people, culture, processes, and the physical environment to make your business as impenetrable as possible against the threats from Cybercriminals. By offering bespoke cybersecurity solutions to resolve challenges across a wide spectrum of sectors, Chert Security has become the ideal service provider of many SMEs.

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