CSEAN is a non-profit organisation made up of Information security professionals. Centred on a collective purpose and vision to be a vehicle championing the cause and awareness of Information security best practices, acting as an agent of change to address Cyber Crime phenomena through engaging intellectual minds, business and political leaders.

As Cyber Security protagonist we look to hold healthy debate, to expand the audiences’ knowledge, awareness and understanding of the issues around Cyber-crime.

Through workshops and seminars we wish to share knowledge and grow the Information Security Industry in the country, whilst creating youth forums to breed future generation of Information Security professionals, also to hold broader discussions with the government officials on issues of tackling Cyber Crime. Click here to visit CSEAN Nigeria


These levels of membership are specifically designed for students who are currently studying an IT or IT related courses at any higher institution (University, Polytechnics, and Colleges of Education), most importantly, those with interest in IT Security. As a student member, you will benefit immensely from a range of CSEAN online tools and technical white papers that will aid your projects, research and development.

To join as a student, you will either be:

University student studying IT or IT related course
Polytechnic student studying IT or IT related course
College of Education Student studying IT or IT related course

Affiliate memberships are reserved for those with interest in IT, but who do not have any formal training in IT or IT related subjects.

Accountants, procurement officers, Marketers etc, who find themselves making decision that relates to IT in their various organisations are welcome at affiliate level.

Joining CSEAN can help provide you with basic tools and knowledge to function more effectively.

To join as an Affiliate member, you will :

Have no formal IT or IT Security training
Work within an organisation where you make decisions that relates to IT

Associate level memberships are for those starting their IT careers. Whether you have just graduated from school or just started a career in IT, joining CSEAN will offer you access to resources and training materials to help you grow towards becoming a professional Member

To join, you will need to be :

Fresh Graduates in IT
IT Security or IT Related subjects with 1 year IT work experience

Professional memberships are for IT Security professionals who have gained reasonable years of experience within IT Security fields.

You will need a minimum of 3 Years of IT Security work experience and An honours degree ( BSc, HND, MSc) in Computer Science, Mathematics, Statistics or Engineering
Or Equivalent IT professional qualifications with 5 years of IT work experience

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