The CyberDome Academy provides professional instruction for cyber security experts to further and develop their skills as cyber forensic information technology scientists and information security professionals. CyberDome instructors are among the leading professional trainers and information security specialists that are not only trainers, but are practicing professionals, performing regular incident response and processing digital forensic cases. All of our professional courses are taught on several levels, and we can customize training courses based on the needs of your organization. Want to know more about the courses check here 

Available at CyberDome  Academy


If the risk that comes along with cyber-attacks will be mitigated, it is necessary that one be kept abreast
with the underlying factors related to varieties of threats in the day’s cyber world before you would be able to identify each security threats correctly.


Our company offer industry standardized and recognized security certifications.  With our CyberDome’s courses, you would be equipped with new vantage to other competitors because companies hover through expert capabilities and professionalism and this is just one of their criterion.


With the understanding that robust and proficient IT personnel as the core drivers of industry security compliance standards as well as regulatory policies. Hence we ensure that we output IT personnel to meet up the industry challenging task of not just the system but the personnel to implement these security policies.

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