CyberDome MSSP is completely and exclusively focused on cyber security. We  offers a full-service solution portfolio to meet all your security needs ranging from  Products, Audits, Integration Services, Managed Services to Training. Our security solutions are today more prevalent than ever, safeguarding millions of computers in organizations, enterprises and governments around the globe.  Click here to visit CyberDome

CyberDome is proud to be a security-focused, engineer-driven company that has successfully delivered solutions,in a wide variety of industry verticals, for over a decade.

CyberDome’s Emergency Response Services provide on-site and remote response to threats and incident investigation, minimizing the incident’s impact on your organization.

Advantage of CyberDome MSSP

  1. Substantial manpower capable of providing a rapid response at the client’s site.
  2. Services and products targeted to a specific purpose or an entire systematic process. Including top quality training of local personnel, either by us or at the client’s locale.
  3. As an MSSP we’re active, at a very high level, both in Nigeria and Israel – located close to our clients. A SOC SIEM can be installed at the client’s site or provided as a service from CyberDome’s MSSP Center.
  4. Capable of providing immediate Tier 1- 4 responses on site or via remote experts.
  5. Stay one step ahead of attacks and minimize incident impact through regular, scheduled remote and on-site investigations, via our Incident Response Teams.

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