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Nigeria Data Protection Regulation, check this out from Cybersecfill

Data protection is the safeguarding of important information from corruption, compromise or loss.With the digitization of data,data controllers owes users the responsibility of protecting their data.

Considering the evolution of cybercrime and emerging data protection laws, it is quite clear that every organization should need to protect their data and follow laws and regulations to safeguard them.

In 2018,the European Union(EU) released the General data Protection Rule (GDPR).The GDPR regulates the processing of data by an individual,a company or an organisation relating to individuals in the EU.

It is in this regards that the  National information Technology Development Agency(NITDA) released the Nigeria Data Protection Regulation(NDPR), 2019.

Concerned Nigerians have waited for this regulation as a lot of organizations misuse users data.

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