The Department of Cybersecurity FUTA

The Department of Cybersecurity Science, FUTA aims to create and disseminate knowledge through research.  And education given in theory and application of computing-based security principles geared towards global needs and production of self-reliant high level Cybersecurity professionals, products and services.


The Department of Cybersecurity Science will be a ladder in information security discipline and at the forefront of educational innovation and disseminating new knowledge and whose graduates are globally recognised as innovative and well-prepared computing professionals. Visit the department


The areas of research in the Department of Cybersecurity Science focus on the existing and evolving research areas such as Cryptography, Intrusion Detection, Information Security Risk Analysis and Management, Biometrics Security, Digital Forensics, Malicious Codes, Disaster Recovery Planning, Cybersecurity Analysis, Information System Security, Network Security and System Security and Auditing, Data Security & Application Security, IoT Security & Privacy, Computer & Software Security, Cloud Computing Security, Human Behaviour-based Security and Security Policy & Management.

The university’s School of Computing (abbreviated as SCOM) was founded in 2018, it was created to cater to the needs of departments that were more related to computer science than general science. It is located in the Obanla campus of FUTA. This school has five subsidiary departments:

Computer Science (CSC)
Information Systems (IFS)
Cybersecurity Studies (CSS)
Information Technology (IFT)
Software Engineering (SEN)

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