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By July 17, 2019 MSSP

eSentry Systems

eSentry systems is a managed security service provider with a focus on continuous security monitoring, threat hunting and analysis, incidence response and cybersecurity compliance. We understand that each business has its unique strengths and challenges; we offer security services to help enterprises achieve business resilience, accelerated growth, improved efficiency and build organizational capabilities. With our services, business owners can protect their greatest asset—their company.

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What eSentry Do

We utilize Next-Generation technology to protect the information technology landscape of small to large organizations from cyber-attacks while bringing down costs significantly. It is our foremost goal to increase the overall security posture of our customers and accept responsibility for the security of their environment. With this, the burden and stress of ensuring security and compliance within your enterprise are taken off you and handed over to us while you concentrate your time and efforts on expanding your business.

Why We Do What We Do

We aim to help our clients achieve efficiency in their day to day security operations with minimal resources. With our services, our clients can focus more on their business operations and be assured that experts are handling their enterprise security at significantly lower operating costs.
Our subscribers have the advantage of converting their capital expenditure on cybersecurity to operating expenditure, reducing their total cost of ownership by providing subscription services that reduce the burden, time, skills and efforts required to maintain their assets securely. We believe security should be simple, affordable, easy to maintain, giving you the peace of mind to run your business.

Other services

Endpoint protection: Using modules such as Host intrusion prevention system, host firewall, heuristics-based malware protection, containment, and sandbox analysis, hosts on the computer networks are protected from the network and host-based cyber-attacks. Added to this package is our Threat Hunting and Incident response services, which involve active response to alerts generated from the endpoint protection console.

“This service is a fully managed defense of hosts on a computer network from the host and network-based cyber-attacks. It involves the use of next-generation antivirus with modules such as Host intrusion prevention system, host firewall, heuristics-based malware protection, containment, and sandbox analysis.

This service aims to protect our client’s host from advanced malware attacks and malicious host penetration activities. Packaged with this service is our value-added threat hunting and incident response service, where our analysts actively respond to alerts generated from the endpoint protection console.”

Data loss prevention: Fully managed by eSentry Systems and offered on a subscription basis, client-specified sensitive documents are encrypted, given restricted access except to the only client specified persons and also tracked and logged during transfer to help maintain confidentiality and prevent misuse.

“This service involves maintaining the confidentiality of client specified sensitive documents. Access to such documents is restricted to the only client specified persons and transfer of such documents are tracked and logged. This service also involves encryption of client specified sensitive documents if it falls into the wrong hands or wrong storage medium. This service is fully managed by eSentry systems and is offered to clients on a subscription basis.”

Web Application Firewall: offers client’s protection against common and advanced website attacks like SQLi, XSS, and Denial of Service. Also fully managed by eSentry.

This web application firewall service involves protecting client specified websites from common and advanced website attacks e.g SQL injection, XSS, and so on. Denial of service protection is equally a part of this service to increase the availability of production web applications.

The service is fully managed, transferring the burden of management from you to us.


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