Lynsec provides a comprehensive evaluation of an organization’s overall security posture. This helps in managing risk to potential security threats such as data breaches and unauthorized activity. This includes a review of existing security policies, procedures, controls and mechanisms concerning best practices and industry standards. Our Security Assessment is performed by certified and experienced security professionals, Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) with a passion for identifying risks and protecting your company against potential threats to your company’s systems.

Our turnkey service array includes cybersecurity training, secure architecture development, intrusion detection, vulnerability assessments, central log collection, event alerting, system hardening, security assessments, the configuration of firewalls rules, security lifecycle documentation development, risk assessments, and a full range of Professional Security Services.

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Lynsec’s mission is to provide a continuous effort to protect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of your corporate resources and data. Achieving security for your corporate information assets and compliance with new regulations demand constant vigilance and knowledge of what to look for. Through each stage of the information security lifecycle, we help you prevent, detect, respond to, and resolve your enterprise security issues.

The expertise we offer to organisations across various industries is second to none at an affordable rate. No matter the size of the project or how unique your business case is, we will endeavour to help. Simply contact our team today to get you started.

Our network security consultants help you understand trends and ideas to better secure your electronic assets. We provide a broad spectrum of development and training options to equip your staff with the tools to succeed. Lynsec provides turnkey solutions for complex information security challenges.​ Working with our partners allows us to offer the finest hybrid SaaS security services providing the perfect balance of people, process, and technology for an effective security program.

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