NDPR -Nigeria Data Protection Regulation 2019

By July 19, 2019 Regulations

NDPR -Nigeria Data Protection Regulation 2019

WHEREAS, The National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA, hereinafter referred to as The Agency) is statutorily mandated by the NITDA Act of 2007 to, inter alia; develop regulations for electronic governance and monitor the use of electronic data interchange and other forms of electronic communication transactions as an alternative to paper-based methods in government, commerce, education, the private and public sectors, labour and other fields, where the use of electronic communication may improve the exchange of data and information;
RECOGNIZING that many public and private bodies have migrated their respective businesses and other information systems online, information solutions in both the private and public sectors now drive service delivery in the country through digital systems. These information systems have thus become critical information infrastructure which must be safeguarded, regulated and protected against atrocious
COGNIZANT of emerging data protection regulations within the international community geared towards the security of lives and property and fostering the integrity of commerce and industry in the volatile data economy;
CONSCIOUS of the concerns and contributions of stakeholders on the issue of privacy
and protection of Personal Data and the grave consequences of leaving Personal Data
processing unregulated;
THE AGENCY hereby issues the Nigeria Data Protection Regulation and shall come
into effect on the date issued by NITDA


The objectives of this Regulation are as follows:
a) to safeguard the rights of natural persons to data privacy;
b) to foster safe-conduct for transactions involving the exchange of Personal Data;
c) to prevent manipulation of Personal Data; and
d) to ensure that Nigerian businesses remain competitive in international trade
through the safe-guards afforded by a just and equitable legal regulatory
framework on data protection and which is in tune with best practice.

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