NITDA -National Information Technology Development Agency

is a public service institution established by NITDA Act 2007 as the ICT policy implementing arm of the Federal Ministry of Communication of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. It has sole responsibility of developing programs that caters for the running of ICT related activities in the country. It is also mandated with the implementation of policies guideline for driving ICT in Nigeria. It plays advisory role in copyright law by verification and revision of applicable laws in tandem with the application of software and technology acquisition. Majority of these activities are achieved through organization of workshops which cater for training needs of her staff, government functionaries and education sectors. More on what NITDA do here 


As part of the history of Nigeria, ICT related activities started in 1950. It was commissioned by the administration of President Olusegun Obasanjo through the perfection of a bill designed to provide for the establishment of National Information Technology Development in 2007 (NITDA Act). Operation  started in 2001, six years before the bill was passed into law. The agency’s main objective is to provide ICT as a tool in tertiary institution to drive the mechanism of education sector in the country. The agency started her operation in AbujaFCT with 30 computers. These devices were used for the training of major government functionaries which include the president and his ministers. Within the first three years of establishment, the agency supplied 5700 computers system to over 187 educational institutions in the country which includes: universities, secondary and primary schools.

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