Offensive Security

Here at Offensive Security we have a big mission; to empower the world to fight cyber threats by instilling the Try Harder mindset. That Try Harder mindset has created a very special culture here and we are determined to protect it as we grow and change. We’ve developed our Values to help us do just that – they are our code of conduct for dealing with each other and the world around us. They help inform our everyday decisions. We hope you appreciate them and the behaviors that support them.

The following certifications are available OSCP OSWP OSCE OSEE OSWE KLCP.

OSCP Overview

  1. OSCP is the most well-recognized and respected certification for info security professionals
  2. To become certified, you must complete Offensive Security’s Penetration Testing with Kali Linux (PwK) course and pass the 24-hour hands-on exam
  3. An OSCP has mastered a comprehensive and practical understanding of the penetration testing process
  4. For hands-on experience, each student receives access to a virtual penetration testing lab where techniques learned within the course can be practiced

OSWP Overview

Premier practical Wi-Fi attack certification in the security field

  1. Earned after completing the 4-hour online exam
  2. Pre-requisite Course: Offensive Security Wireless Attacks (WiFu)
  3. Proves you have the practical ability to perform 802.11 wireless audits using open source tools
  4. An OSWP is able to identify vulnerabilities in Wi-Fi networks and execute organized attacks in a controlled manner

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